Hydroelectric Power Station Upgrade & Modernization

TECG Control’s system renewal and upgrades service for hydroelectric Power Station. We offer a wide variety of system modifications and enhancements which cover the key components and primary systems of your machine. Our programs are designed to meet two essential requirements:


System Renewals & Upgrades:

We deliver the new system to extend the lifetime of your existing machinery while improving its safety, reliability and ease of maintenance. Also maximize the machinery productivity by enhancing its operating window, allowing it to run more efficiently, safely, and with better transient response to achieve stability. Core solutions: 

  • Plant Modernization 
  • Hydro Unit Remote monitoring & Operation 
  • Generator & Transformer (G/T) Power Protection System 
  • Governor Control & Servo Actuator Retrofit 
  • Generator Excitation System Retrofit

Our solution Partner - Reivax

We are partnering with the leading control hardware and solution supplier - Reivax, who has rich experience in hydroelectric power station, range from Francis Turbine, Kaplan Turbine, Pelton Turbine, Bulb turbine and others.

Reivax has been supplying digital control systems to the power generation industry since 1991, has currently has more than 1,100 systems in operation and majority are installed on the hydroelectric power plants.

With partnering with Reivax, we provide the turnkey system renewals and upgrades solution. It range from turbine control to generator control, details as following.