Coal Fired Boiler Optimization Service




Advanced Continuous Monitoring, Protection and Enhancement. Coal Quality, Boiler Condition and Combustion.    


There are SIX areas that TECG are focusing on to provide the innovative and proven solutions that help the coal-fired power stations in monitoring the boiler condition and optimizing the boiler efficiency.  Particularly to help in reduce emission, increase the combustion efficiency, monitor the coal quality online.

Many of these solution has been proven on the field for more than 1000 installation at Europe and America, where Clean-Coal technology has been developed for more than 20 years.





In addition, TECG also provide the predictive and early detection of monitoring system for Coal Fired Power station.  It includes of :


  • Coal Piles Fire Detection System, prevent coal piles fire 
  • Silo Protection – CO Monitoring. Prevent explosion in Silo. 
  • Boiler Tube Leak Detection – early detection of boiler tube leakage. 


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