Generator & Transformer Protection Relay

Protect the Critical Equipment

Protect the critical equipment from damage, failure and costly repairs, TECG Control are offering the SEL Generator Protection Relay (GPR) in our solution. Often the analog or analog mechanical protection relay has been obsolete or facing support issue. SEL-700G provides a complete protection and synchronization solution for synchronous generators.

Eliminate the complexity and cost of standalone synchronizer packages. Integrating the synchronization capability into the generator protection relay provides the most cost effective and reliable solution. The optional SEL-2664 Field Ground Module accurately detects field ground faults whether the generator is operating, stopped, or de-energized.


Key features of SEL-700G

  • ·         Can apply as primary protection with backup configuration
  • ·         Field-configurable front panel, including display, LEDs, and pushbuttons.
  • ·         Field-upgradable design.
  • ·         Software to Set, Monitor, and Control the SEL-700G
  • ·         Software to Retrieve and Display Event Reports
  • ·         Fast and Easy Troubleshooting
  • ·         Ethernet, serial, and expanded I/O options.
  • ·         Industry-Leading Quality, Reliability, and Service.