Combustion Condition Monitoring





Combustion Optimization – Combustion Condition Monitoring and Tuning 






Today’s stringent environmental regulations and increase the combustion efficiency of coal fired power station are constant hot issue to address


One way to achieve this is by keeping a healthy combustion system within burners. The heat rate, efficiency, LOI, fuel consumption, fouling and slagging are all related to the localized concentraction of COe.


With the active CO/COe monitoring and measurements in the boiler, ensure combustion optimize at most times, which help to reduce emission, reduce fuel cost and maintenance, especially since monitoring O2 levels alone is not effective enough given the unreliability of O2 probes and the high risk of in-furnace air leakage



For this, TECG provides the IN-SITU Oxygen (O2) and Carbon Monoxide Equivalent (COe) analyzer specifically designed for use on utility boilers and that features a cost-effective design for reducing operation costs.