Coal Flow Monitoring & Optimizing




Combustion Optimization – Coal Flow Monitoring, Balancing & Tuning  









The Advanced Coal Flow System is especially developed to measure pulverized coal distribution to each burner. This helps balance particulate coal amount in order to avert combustion issues caused by high LOI results. It can be easily integrated within a power plant’s DCS logic or can be the portable system for online turning set-up. 


The uneven coal flow distribution along the coal pipes has been the continuous issues for the plant operator.


However, without a visibility to monitor the coal flow and coal velocity online or continuously, the plant user could not optimize the coal flow balancing. 


TECG Control offers the unique coal flow monitoring system.






BENEFITS of coal flow monitoring and balancing: 

  • Saving volume and pressure of primary transport air.
  • Correct air to fuel ratio at burners
  • Minimum but safe transport velocity
  • Reduction in emissions
  • Monitor and Improved particulate fineness
  • Improved burn and stoichiometric conditions
  • Elimination of flame detachments
  • Reduction in Coal Fuel system erosion
  • Reduction in carbon-in-ash
  • Reduction in Coal Fuel system pressure drop
  • Saving volume and pressure of primary transport air.


TECG Control also provide the Purposed Design - COAL Diffusing Valve for the coal flow balancing. It can effective reduce the coal roping effect and balance the coal flow for different burners.