Boiler Tube Leakage Early Detection System



Prevent unplanned shutdown from the boiler tube leakage




In the coal fired power station, it equip with large quantity of the boiler tube and the reliability requirements of them are operation critical. Once the boiler tube leaks, it will directly affect the safe and economic operation of the generator set. Therefore, the prevention of boiler tube leakage and the early detection and treatment of leakage are becoming increasingly important for power generation companies.


CFB boiler. Especially in the CFB boiler has high abrasion to the boiler tube due to circulating of sands and volatile turbulence flow. 




 The benefits of Boiler Tube Leakage Early Detection System: 

1.     Early detection of boiler tube leakage so that damage will be minimized

2.     Advanced notice of leak problems to minimize costs of damage and repair 

3.     Controllable downtimes for repairs to lower operation replacement costs (Planned shutdown for repair)


Solution - Automatic Boiler tube leakage early detection system


We provide the QN/XL Automatic Boiler tube leakage early detection system that gives an early warning of the leakage of boiler tube upto  small leaks less than 1mm.


Principle of Operation 


Using the principle of acoustic monitoring, various acoustic signals are collected from the furnace and converted into current signals. The detection and alarm system analyzes the spectrum of the acoustic signal by fast Fourier transform technology (FFT) and displays it in the form of a bar graph. The analysis of noise intensity,  spectral characteristics and duration determines 

whether the boiler tube leaks.




Advanced leakage monitoring system features the precise location monitoring, self diagnostic, long term trending and alarm features. 



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