Diesel Engine Power Station

TECG Control provides service support to various type of diesel/gas engine generator (diesel genset).

In general, the diesel/gas genset has been categorized based on their operating speed.

  • High Speed (>1500RPM). 
  • Medium Speed (500-1000RPM)
  • Low Speed (<500RPM)

Our service teams is focus in the Low Speed Two-Stroke and Medium Speed Four-Stroke type of engine and has extensive experience in providing system support and commissioning work on these machines. 


Service Support

We provide services support for:

  • Mechanical Governor/Actuator from Woodward UG, PG, EGB, ect /Regulateurs europa
  • Speed Control from Woodward 2301, 723, 723+, 828, ect
  • ABB Dego speed control, ASSAC actuator
  • AVR Excitation Control from Basler DECS 100, DEC 200, Unitrol 1000, ect.

Control Retrofitting Services

Apart from service support, we are providing control retrofitting services for the engine generator.  Covers from:

  • Speed Control/Governor Control 
  • Fuel Rack Actuation (mechanical hydraulic actuator/electric actuator)
  • Excitation Control AVR 
  • generator protection relay
  • Load/genset control,
  • Synchronizing panel
  • power management system

Benefits/advantages in our offers:

  • We tailor the solution as per your need.
  • Competitive pricing and customized solution will fit individual need.
  • Comprehensive solution. Our team are mixed of various discipline from mechanical, electrical and control engineer with ex-OEM experience.
  • Responsive support and localized support

Please send us your inquiry, our sales will get in touch with you as soon.