Gas Turbine Power Station

Gas turbines are the popular selection technology for high-performance power generation and are employed in both simple and combined cycle configurations around the world.

TECG Control is providing the system support and solution to extend the lifecycle of the machine and ensure it's readiness of operation for many more years.

Our coverage of the machine type are;

  • Frame Gas turbine, i.e. GE Frame 5, 6, 7 and Solar Centaur and Saturn
  • Aero-derivative Gas turbine, i.e. GE LM2500, LM6000, and Allison 501 series
  • Radial Gas Turbine, i,e Kongsberg KG2

Our range of solutions are focus in the control system, to modernize the existing system and ensure it can operate in the most reliable manner.

We offerred field proven and advanced system solutions with the support of OEM are range from:

  • Gas Turbine Control
  • Machinery Protection System (Vibration monitoring, temperature, ect)
  • Generator Excitation System
  • Power Protection Relay
  • Power Management System (synchronizer, load control, load shedding, ect)
  • Fuel Valve Actuation
  • SCADA, HMI and BOP Control