Coal Fired Power Station

Coal-Fired Boiler Optimization: Advanced Continuous Monitoring, Protection and Enhancement. Coal Quality, Boiler Condition and Combustion.   


The proper maintenance of a coal-fired boiler is integral for smooth coal power plant operations. More than that, it helps diminish the detrimental effects of a poorly performing boiler on the environment—something that is now becoming increasingly integral in order to meet environmental legislation standards.


This idea is central to the goals of TECG Control, whose aim is to maximize the efficiency of the equipment-related concerns of its customers. They do this not only by increasing the availability of machinery, but also by getting the best value for available resources and other operational needs.




There are SIX areas that TECG are focusing on to provide the innovative and proven solutions that help the coal-fired power stations in monitoring the boiler condition and optimizing the boiler efficiency.  



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