Hardware, Spare Parts Supply

We can supply you with a full range of original or field tested replacement parts that will fit to your system’s needs.  Just contact us with the list of  parts that you required and our service staff will find the correct parts or replacement items for your system.


Actuation Upgrading/Modernization

We provide the retrofit actuation solution for the critical turbomachineries with the Voith products. 

Typical Application:

  • Turbine Steam Valve
  • Turbine Trip Valve
  • Compressor, Inlet Guide Vane



HMI or Supervisory System, Maintenance, Diagnostic and Operation Interface

A computer-based operator interface, that provides operators with a full spectrum of machinery information as well as operating as an annunciator, data logger, and trending package.




Turbine Overspeed Protection System

Vibration Monitoring System 

Vibration and Displacement Sensors







Supply spare part or PLC Control Upgrade. 

Supply of Generator Excitation Control & AVR. 

Supply of 

  • Generator Protection Relay 
  • Transformer Protection Relay
  • Motor Protection Relay 

We customized the position sensor for Turbine Governing Valve GV and MSV. 


  • Single 
  • Redundant 
  • Triple 

The hypochloride reactor need the DC power source for electrolysis process. The reliable rectifier become the key component to ensure the operation of Hypochlorination process.

We provide the highly reliable 6-pulse, 12-pulse rectifier, range from 100A - 10,000A. 

The Cast Resin transformer step down the auxiliary power supply to lower voltage before feed into the Rectifier. 


We carefully choose and supply the high quality transformer to satisfy the technical and economical demand from user.