HMISupervisory System, Maintenance, Diagnostic and Operation Interface

A computer-based operator interface, that provides operators with a full spectrum of machinery information as well as operating as an annunciator, data logger, and trending package. The trending is a valuable diagnostic tool and aids operators in the detection of problems and allows maintenance to be scheduled before a costly turbine shutdown is necessary. Includes: 

  • HMI 
  • Data Historian
  • Predictive application
  • Performance and efficiency monitoring
  • Enterprise management portal (remote monitoring, operating and ect)

Optional of Remote Monitoring Control System that the TECG service can assist your operation anytime , anywhere.





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UPGRADE your operation now. 

With the current travel restriction, the remote operationg and monitoring become the necessity to operate your plant. With the Industry 4.0 and better network coverage, we are moving ourselves from localized operation to remote.