Machinery Protection System

Comprehensive machinery protection is essential, TECG Control is proud to offer the machinery protection control as follow.

  • Overspeed Protection complied to API670 and SIL-3 standard
  • Vibration Monitoring complied to API670 standard
  • Vibration and Displacement Sensors


Continuous protection and monitoring is an essential requirement for critical rotating plant in many areas of industry.

Overspeed protection is a key requirement in the power generation industry where failure of the speed control loop can lead to damaging consequences. Independent monitoring and shutdown is essential to remove this risk.

TECG Control offers a large range of Sensonics industrial accelerometers for all types of applications from general purpose high volume to specialist accelerometers designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions.

We supply and integrate wide range of speed sensor from the remarkable supplier from US and Europe. Wide application for Turbomachinery, Engine, Turbocharger Pump, Blower, Mixer, Fan & ect.

TECG Control offers a range of both piezo electric and moving coil velocity transducers (Velometer®) from Sensonics for applications requiring a vibration velocity signal direct from the sensor.

TECG Control offers a range  robust range of eddy current proximity probes from Sensoncis for non-contact vibration and displacement monitoring are designed to comply with the API 670 standard enabling compatibility with other manufacturers equipment, for example Bently Nevada.

Apart from the machinery protection system, we also supply the full range of Sensonics vibration and displacement sensors.