Generator & Bus Auto Synchroniser System

Generator synchronization is the process of matching parameters such as voltage, frequency, phase angle, phase sequence, and waveform with a running power system.

Without proper synchronisation of generators, they are not able to operate at its maximum efficiency and eventually, it could eventually damage the healthy power system.

Before synchronisation can happen – the following parameters need to be within close acceptance ranges:

  • Slip (Frequency Difference)
  • Line voltage difference  
  • Phase angle difference near zero

SEL- based Autosynchroniser

This is a customized autosynchronisation solution for power system. It measures the voltage and frequency on both the generator and the power system, send correction pulses to adjust the governor and exciter as necessary, and automatically close the breaker, separating the two systems once synchronization acceptance criteria are met.

This process ensures safe, secure auto- synchronization of generation onto the power system.

Base system capabilities:

  • Frequency raise/lower controls
  • Voltage raise/lower controls
  • Generator Frequency Greater Than Bus Frequency (GF > BF)
  • Antimotoring
  • Local monitoring
  • Dead-bus close


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