Steam Drum Level Monitoring

Steam Drum is one of the key component for water tube boiler. It is a reservoir of water/steam at the top end of the water tubes. The drum stores the steam generated in the water tubes and acts as a phase-separator for the steam/water mixture.


Maintaining the correct water level in the drum is critical for the safety of the steam boiler. The level should not be too high or too low. Hence, the purpose of the drum level monitoring is to ensure the water level maintained at constant steam load to prevent possible damage to the steam drum, boiler or turbine.


Reliable measurement of the boiler drum water level is essential for the safety operation



Levelstate EDLI is an advanced electronic water level monitoring system. An EDLI system includes multiple Probes fitted to a Water Column and connected to an Electronic unit, which is widely accepted as a reliable & maintenance free equipment.

Pressure parts available for applications up to 207 bar at 370°C as standard. Electronics available in various configurations.

The EDLI eliminates the need for periodic maintenance or calibration, and provides reliable and accurate measurement based on conductivity principle.

Our Applications are suitable for:

  • Boiler Drum
  • Feedwater heater
  • Daeerated feedwater storage tank
  • Conderser hotwell
  • HP turbine bypass drain sump

Conductivity Probes 

As the primary element in sensing level signals, the conductivity probe is the heart of electronic level indicating systems.

One of the highest quality manufactured conductivity probe

  • High purity zirconium insulator
  • Brazed joints treated with a special gilding
  • Helium leak tested
  • Hydrostatically tested at twice rated pressure
  • Insulation resistance : >5M Ohms at 500V
  • Long service lifetime 

Note  : Probe for super critical application also available. Pressure upto 300 bar and temperature up to 602°C


Along with the electronic drum level indicator (EDLI), the Direct Water Level Gauges (DWLG) provide direct reading of the water level. Operates on the principle of differences in refractive index of different media (steam & water) for level indication. 

The gauges are reliable and maintenance free thereby minimising operating costs for the users.

The DWLG are available in a variety of pressure ratings, which can be used along with the high intensity illuminating devices and accessories. Various configuration and options are available.


  • High pressure block valve for isolation
  • Enhanced safety through orifice spacer
  • Internal components specially coated for corrosion protection
  • Glass protected by high quality mica
  • Option of LED and Halogen illuminator 
  • Suitable for outdoor application
  • Explosion proof (optional)
  • long service lifetime






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