Generator Excitation System & Voltage Regulator (AVR)

Excitation systems are fundamental to the operation of modern synchronous machines. It is responsible for supplying direct current for the synchronous machine field windings. Well-designed excitation systems provide reliability of operation, stability and fast transient response.

  • For synchronous generators, it is responsible for maintaining a constant terminal voltage.
  • For synchronous motors, it is responsible for maintaining a constant power factor.

Excitation systems use closed-loop or feedback control to regulate the machine’s output. It also works as a Limiter – Limit the synchronous machine to work within the boundary & capacity. In addition, modern excitation system that equipped with the Power System Stabilizer (PSS) function,  provides a positive contribution by dampening the electromechanical oscillations arisen from the power system or the unit itself.

RTX Power – Excitation System and Voltage Regulator’s Expert

TECG Control collaborates with Reivax- the global excitation system manufacturer and excitation system supplier, to provide the RTX Power. The RTX Power Excitation System is based on an advanced platform designed to ensure high performance and reliability. It has all voltage regulation functions, system monitoring and protection, that control all sizes of synchrounous machines, generators or motors. 

These power driver can be designed with redundancy, according to the particular requirements of each system.

Some of the advantages:

  • Compact platform – easily replace aging systems
  • Exceptional PSS and AVR performances and fast response
  • Reliable operation for all types of synchronous machines
  • Programmable and modifications are allowed
  • Simplified commissioning
  • Proven solution with more than 2000 units in operation

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