Spatial Combustion Analyzer

Optimum Combustion

Increasing the combustion efficiency of coal fired power plant is the constant hot issue to address amid the stringent environmental regulations. One way to achieve this is by keeping a healthy combustion system within burners.

To ensure complete combustion of the coal fuel, combustion chambers are supplied with excess air. Excess air increases the amount of oxygen to the combustion and the chamber / furnace. When the fuel and oxygen from the air are in perfect mixed – the combustion is said to be stoichiometric.




CO/COe is a direct measurement of the completeness of combustion, unaffected by air.

CO is the most sensitive indicator of incomplete combustion. By monitoring the flue gas CO content at the boiler economiser area, the user can learn about the combustion condition. It serves as the closed loop feedback. The heat rate, efficiency, LOI, fuel consumption, fouling and slagging are all related to the localized concentration of COe. The additional COe measurement enables fine-tuning of a combustion process by enabling the reduction of excess O₂ in the furnace to an optimal concentration.

Spatial Combustion Analyser (O2 & COe)

Online real-time Combustion Analyzer is specifically designed for use on utility boilers with cost-effective design to reduce operation costs. It provides continuous measurement of O₂ and COe (sum of unburned molecules – CO, H2, CxHy) in flue gas for all industrial boilers. The correlation of the O₂ and COe measurements enables combustion fine tuning in real time.

Active CO/COe monitoring and measurement in the boiler is proved to be a better tool for combustion optimization, since monitoring O levels alone is not effective enough, given the unreliability of Oprobes and the high risk of in-furnace air leakage. The continuous monitoring ensure combustion being optimized at most times, furthermore it also helps to reduce emission, reduce fuel cost and maintenance.

Spatial Combustion Optimization – Insight of the boiler combustion

By having the grid level O₂ / COe measurement, we can map the combustion condition across the boiler, so that user can visualize the intuitive O₂ / COe  profile. Associated with individual section air flow, combustion condition can be monitored and fine-tuned / to achieve continuous optimization.


  • Insight view of the boiler combustion condition
    • Intuitive profile for the excess air O₂ and COe
    • Operation can optimize the combustion online
  • Robust sensor withstands dusty and high temperature application
    • Able to withstand high temperature, flue gas measurement up to max. 1700 °C
    • Tolerate with dusty flue gas, compressed air back-purge with control valve complete with electronics, incl. adjustable intervals
  • User-friendly, easy for maintenance and operation
    • Easy maintenance, sensors and transmitter can be replaced on line.
    • Auto calibration features with interval setting.
    • Compact design with field configures HMI display of O₂ and COe measurement
    • Standard output analog 4 -20 mA and digital RS 485 communication CO



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