Success Story

Located in Central Java, Indonesia, PLTU Rembang (2 x 315 MW) has improved the Primary Air Flow Sensor for coal mills from previous measurements using other manufacturers.

Previously, the Rembang PLTU experienced conditions where the PAF (Primary Air Flow) was too high, causing excessive speed at the nozzle exit resulting in incomplete combustion and a low heat rate. Existing sensors at that time could not accommodate the PAF monitoring needs at PLTU Rembang. This causes the scrap mill to be damaged and the explosion door to break apart from the result of incomplete combustion. So, PLTU Rembang tried to find an alternative solution, namely PAF measurement from TECG Control.

As a first step, PLTU Rembang is gradually installing Unit #10 and will be evaluated further. After further observation results over the past year, the PAF measurement installed by TECG Control shows good performance, with the auto setting feature.